GmaGold has been in fine jewelry manufacturing since 1974. With our factories in Italy, China and the USA, we combine the best of all worlds.  We involve prime cost effectiveness of Asian steel with Italian design and gold smithing, and USA assembly and finishing to bring the worldwide market the best products available in fashion, quality and cost effectiveness.
      Alternative Metal Jewelry has been in better fine jewelry offerings in Europe and Japan since 2000. GMA ventured to mainland China in 2002 to develop exclusive factories for the designs in Alternative Metals the USA consumer might wish. At the same time we developed the only technology in our own USA factory to apply 14K Gold and 18K Gold to the Alternative Metals of the items that our joint ventures in China manufacture. The category of Precious Alternative Jewelry and Karat Gold was since founded in the USA around Christmas 2003. Since that time the Precious Alternative Jewelry category has become a very desired item in fine jewelry and department stores throughout the USA.  In 2007 we will launch as you will see in our website the Hi-Tech Ceramic and The Ceramic Diamond.  The design has a copyright, the process of the chemistry that allowed the Diamond to set into the Hi-Tech Ceramic is patent pending.

     The core (9) factories that GMA has contracted in mainland China are the bases of the core manufacturing for all of Europe, Japan and Australia. The real secret is the technology that applies the 14K and 18K Gold to the Alternative Metals. This process took GMA almost one year to develop melding the actual 14K and 18K to the Ceramic Jewelry, Tungsten Jewelry, Titanium Jewelry, and Stainless Steel Jewelry. We use only real 14K and 18K Gold actually welded, or inlaid into the Precious Alternative Jewelry. We then developed the process to inset diamonds into metals with use of 14K and 18K Gold settings. All diamonds are hand set and of fine full cut and white quality


     Our offerings include over 3000 items of Precious Alternative Jewelry, including Hi-Tech Ceramic, Tungsten, Titanium, and Stainless Steel and cover the following categories:

·         Rings, Bracelets, Bangles, Neckwear, Chains, Pendants, Men's Accessories
         Ladies ensembles

     The looks cover the followings:

  Hi-Tech Ceramic (Brand: Cermamic Couture and The Ceramic Diamond)

   Hip-Hop (Brand- Metro Couture)
 Hispanic (Brand- Joyas Alternativas)
   Modern and Fine Jewelry (Brand- MODE-rn)
·    Ladies (Brand- Coqueture)                                                                                            
     Currently our products are sold in all the large jewelry chains and department stores. Many new items and markets are opening weekly as the USA consumer seeks the Precious Alternative of Fine Jewelry. 


      Since 2004 GMA has been developing items for some major brands throughout the USA. With our resourcing and flexibility GMA has a vast capacity to build your own brand for distribution. This has been demonstrated to be successful for the largest brand owners, importers and distributors of Precious Alternative Jewelry.

      As of 2007 we will launch Branded Product in all classifications particularly the newest of Hi- Tech Ceramic around our copyright items and patent pending chemistry of the Hi-Tech Ceramic with Diamonds. 

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